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Personnel Consulting Medical Technologie

Personnel Consulting Medical Technologies/ Engineering

One of the leading medical technology / engineering locations in Germany is Hamburg. Over 6500 people working in the area of medical technology / engineering generate an annual turnover of approximately 3 billion Euro. Most of the approximately 100 companies in this area are small and mid-sized companies. Their competencies cover the most varied medical fields, such as dentistry, orthopedics, ENT, intensive care, neurology and cardiology. A great number of medical engineering companies work in the field of optical diagnosis systems or prosthodontics. A further field of competency is in the production of disposable medical products for wound care. 

Innovations in medical technology / engineering are the driving power behind the health care industry. Due to demographic developments it has gained great importance in supporting the quality of life for persons through later life. Risks in research and development characterize this branch. The deciding competitive advantage for companies is the know-how of its employees. Quick job changes in this branch are not desired. Therefore the search for and selection of employees in the area of medical engineering / technologies is quite important.

With great experience and specialist knowledge we support you in the careful selection of manager and specialists in the area of medical engineering / technology.



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