Professional Personnel Consulting

The right personallity!


We support you in obtaining the best suitable person for your company.

For Companies

Our Goal - Your Success

The most important prerequisite for a successful search is comprehension of the entire situation. In order for us to be able to convincingly represent your company and find the best suitable employee we greatly value getting to know your company, management and corporate philosophy. This also includes your company's goals. The information ensures that we gain extensive understanding of the conditions, features and requirements for the planned position. We contribute our knowledge and experience, gained in similar positions.

In interviews with the candidates not only is their specialist knowledge assessed but perhaps more importantly also the candidate's personality and therefor the affinity to your company. Our goal is to find the right person for your company: persons with matching competencies for the both expert knowledge for your company's success as well as for personality for enrichment of your company culture. 

The succes of your company is our main focus. With the right selection we would like to create sustainable value for your company.

Candidate Search


Professional personnel consulting is convincing through the combination of experience, intuition and a system. It includes a clearly structured method with many coordinated steps:

  • Needs analysis 
  • Creation of specification
  • Systematic market research
  • Approach of suitable candidates
  • Presentation of selected candidates
  • Continuing Consulting

This systematic approach is an essential element for your economic success.